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Concept & Design

Concept & Design

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The Centigon rigorous design and development process consists of three stages. First the threat is analyzed and desired protection level determined.

Next, the design team develops a solution that meets the threat requirements while maintaining base vehicle characteristics and finish.

Critical components

Material testing

Unparalleled fit and finish

The conception and design of Centigon Security Group relies on five critical components :

  • The balistique design: an armored shell which is fully integrated into the original body shell.
  • Discrete ballistic overlaps
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Suspension and braking solutions are both upgraded to maintain the original capabilities of the vehicle despite the weight of the armor.
  • Every Centigon vehicle has an updated Electronic Control Unit so your vehicle can adapt and perform under the weight of armor, ensuring adequate braking and handling. An integral component in the quest for secure mobility.

Material Testing

Materials are then tested for integrity and a prototype is constructed. Every vehicle design is thoroughly tested and in many cases, the completed vehicle is then destroyed scientifically to confirm and officially certify the level of protection through independent ballistics laboratory. We are working with QinetiQ (UK), Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (Germany), Beschussamt Ulm (Germany), BNE St-Etienne (France), H.P. White (USA) and Dayton University (USA).

Unparalleled fit and finish

Time is value and no one recognizes that better than Centigon. Our design and production centers worldwide have the capability to design and test solutions in weeks, not months, improving time to field readiness by more than 25% over traditional methods. Our experienced team uses advanced 3D scanning technology and OEM design software (such as CATIA) to reduce workflow cycles and meet aggressive timetables.

This is providing an unparalleled fit and finish when integrating armored components. Other advanced scanner technology helps cut development time significantly while improving product appearance and road stability.

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