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Centigon Venezuela offers car armoring protection for Levels IIIA, III and IV according to the international norm of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the United States of America and European normative CEN, as well as, car armoring technical service for armored vehicles.

The company was established in Caracas Venezuela in year 2001. Centigon is one of the first Car Armoring Company of the country with an historic production of more than 1.800 armored cars for this market.  With a team of 30 people highly trained and experienced, Centigon Venezuela built armoured cars based on Centigon Standards and using certify material to ensure ballistic protection.

Among its customers Centigon Venezuela counts with the most respected corporations of the country, private persons and celebrities.


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Ballistics lab

The mobile defense market can be confusing....

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Concept & Design

The Centigon rigorous design and development process consists of...

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Centigon uses the latest 3D OEM technology (CATIA) to study the integration...

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After Delivery Services

Armoured vehicles require proper maintenance to preserve their long-term functionality....

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