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With more than 60 year track record in armour integration, CENTIGON FRANCE SAS provides secure, armoured mobility including cash-in-transit, passenger, bespoke and military vehicles. With extensive manufacturing and R&D expertise, CENTIGON’s vehicles protect against multiple ballistic threats (from handgun to armour piercing and including the blast effects).

A systematic control of the materials is conducted in our in-house laboratory to ensure traceability, which lead to an average of 2000 ammunitions fired throughout 200 different tests per year. We also have conducted more than 20 full-vehicle tests over the past decade using reputable independent testing facilities (Qinetiq, Mellrichstadt…).

CENTIGON FRANCE SAS is based in Lamballe, Brittany. The company is currently employing around 170 persons and produces more than 350 vehicles every year, from 1 to 40 tons.

350 Armoured cars

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Centigon's expertise

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Centigon's expertise

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Each year, our Centigon teams conduct hundreds of ballistic tests...

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