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Each year, our Centigon teams conduct hundreds of ballistic tests to understand exactly how different solutions perform against different threats. 

By constantly analyzing threats and hostile force tactics, we ensure suitable countermeasures are always ready. 

From transparent armour and aramid fibers to titanium, boro silicates and ceramics, Centigon leads the industry in materials research.

Advanced technology

Effective IED Response

Advanced technology

Our development team has access to the same 3D applications (CATIA) as the OEMs use, providing unparalleled fit and finish when integrating armored components. Other advanced technology, such as the Metris K-Scan MMD 3D scanner, helps cut development time significantly while improving product appearance and road stability.

Effective IED Response

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) continue to claim lives in turbulent areas accelerating the need to develop innovative solutions to unpredictable threats. Utilising decades of the in-the-field testing and analysis, Centigon solutions utilise composites, high hardness steel and aramid/polyethylene HT solutions to deflect and mitigate blast effects, enhancing passenger and payload survivability.

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