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Armoured vehicles up to Stanag Level 4*

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Armoured vehicles

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Centigon Security Group delivers the industry's most comprehensive armoured mobile security solutions for commercial and internal security requirements. With over 60 years armouring experience covering a full range of defense applications including border patrol, escort, reconnaissance and riot control missions., Centigon Security Group knows the road ahead. Overcoming these threats requires a partner, the right tools and proven results.

Over 60 years

Armouring experience



As a worldwide defense partner, Centigon Security Group has earned the trust of major governments, corporations and individual for over 60 years. This trust is only as good as the solutions we provide and our global experience, research and design expertise has lead to the development of a complete line up of proven defense solutions designed to exceed the need in the harshest conditions on Earth. Our dedicated resasearch and development team is also to design nearly any custom configuration you might require.

The only proof of concept is the result. Millions of kilometers driven, countless lives saved, superior product life, missions complete. Government officials security forces and soldiers have all completed their missions safely thanks to Centigon Defense Armoured solutions.

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Armoured vehicles

Security & Defense Vehicles

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