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Our experience of more than 140 years in the Automotive Transformation Industry, places us as the pioneer company and at the forefront in the development of materials and configurations of vehicle protection for any type of threat in the world. We manufacture shields for personalities with high responsibility in different parts of the world: America and Europe, who rely on obtaining the best protection without sacrificing the Class and Lifestyle they are accustomed to. With presence in the Mexican market since 1995, we are focused on providing vehicle protection solutions for all types of risk or threat levels.

In Centigon we are constantly analyzing and evaluating the threats, attacks and tactics of hostile forces, in order to have ready the appropriate defenses to combat them. No company in the world invests more in ballistic technology, actual tests in already armored vehicles and investigation of materials.

We have a team of more than 30 international engineers and designers providing support and constant support to our different plants worldwide remotely and in person if necessary, conducting training programs and updating specific courses.

Currently Centigon Mexico, has 2 production plants and service of armouring in the Mexican Republic. In both plants we have the maintenance service for armoured civilian and tactical vehicles from any brand, attending to our own customers and other armouring companies, thus confirming our quality and commitment to customers.