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Armoured vehicles up to VPAM Kl. 7*

*Armour options available on vehicle fact sheets

Armoured vehicles

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For more than five decades, Centigon Security Group has been as the worldwide industry leader in VVIP coach building and armour integration.

With a long industry leading experience, the Centigon Security Group offers levels of elegance and security available nowhere else.

Body extension

Up to 115 cm

Roof raise

Up to 10 cm

Centigon Security Group is proud to have delivered Armoured Vehicles to prominant business man as well as Head-of-States, ministers, embassies and Royal Families.

Each vehicle we build demonstrates our single-minded commitment to excellence in design, production and after-delivery support. No other company in the industry can offer the level of engineering and technology that we invest in every product and this is a commitment that will continue.

With our unique craftsmanship, engineering, interior design, appointments and accessories, the Centigon Security Group continues to provide the ultimate in comfort, elegance and mobile protection.

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Armoured vehicles

Bespoke Vehicles


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The Centigon rigorous design and development process consists of...

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Centigon's expertise


Centigon uses the latest 3D OEM technology (CATIA) to study the integration...

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Centigon's expertise


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