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Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass

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The development of transparent armor requires the mastery of both modern technology and the singular craftsmanship required to produce optically superior, certified glass that exceeds requirements for protection and clarity. 

These techniques help define Centigon Security ballistic glass as the new industry standard in cost-effective, transparent armor solutions.

With over 100 different configurations of glass installed in both mobile platforms and architectural structures worldwide.

Centigon has the experience, global reach and superior performance required to meet your transparent armor needs.

For Centigon Security Group, producing its own ballistic glass is a major asset in order to equip its vehicles but also to sell to third partires

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Protection Level

Protection Level Centigon transparent armor is tested to meet a variety of threat levels from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIA to the European CEN 1063 B7 (UL10) level of protection in both flat and curved glass, including. 50 caliber ballistic protection. Custom threat level configurations are also available for a wide range of applications.

Centigon facilities have produced ballistic glass solutions for over 100 different mobile platforms including Cash in Transit, Executive protection and governmental agencies worldwide. Rapid design and deployment techniques have ensured on-time delivery of orders large and small.

Certification is an integral component in the production of quality glass, requiring that each batch produced meet standards for delamination and ballistic performance. Each configuration is also certified as ballistically sound by independent test laboratories, including the University of Dayton Research Institute. Centigon glass facilities are ISO 9001 certified, highlighting quality management systems.

Worldwide Support

The Centigon Security worldwide service and support network provides you peace of mind, knowing answers to your questions are only a phone call away. Our service technicians travel the globe, servicing transparent armor solutions on site. 

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