Armouring for SUVs and 4x4s

SUV armouring entails integrating high-quality armoured materials behind the bodywork to discreetly offer optimal ballistic protection. At Centigon, our expertise in armour integration enables us to create armoured 4×4s and SUVs capable of withstanding a wide range of threats, from handguns to armour-piercing and explosive munitions (grenades, IEDs, etc.).


Armouring your SUV doesn’t mean compromising on the vehicle’s ergonomics and discretion. We collaborate with original vehicle manufacturers to ensure seamless integration of our armoured cabs. Our armoured 4x4s and SUVs are highly versatile, suitable for both escort and intervention missions.




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Centigon France’s ballistic department is central to our operations, staffed with experts in protection solutions for civilian and defence markets. With 70 years of experience, we maintain broad knowledge of all potential types of attack.

Our R&D team tests each ballistic protection innovation to address evolving threats and current and future protection challenges, including nuclear attacks, drones and IEDs. Through in-house testing and trials by our independent partners, we ensure our solutions consistently protect people from harm and injury.

Armoured steel undergoes a number of key processing steps before being assembled to form an armoured cab, requiring the ability to cut, bend, and weld steel without compromising its properties.

Centigon France invests in the most competitive and efficient production equipment for fast production timelines.

We guarantee and maintain the quality and reliability of all armoured vehicles delivered to customers, with qualified technicians and detailed documentation to maintain operational readiness, from single models to entire fleets.

At Centigon France, we believe that the Quality, Safety and Environment department should be involved in all stages of the company’s processes. In the early stages, the department issues an environmental quality manual that supplements the detailed instructions and forms used across various processes within the company.


Centigon France conducts over 1500 ballistic tests annually, covering materials, components, and complete vehicles. This ensures an exceptional level of expertise in ballistics and protection technologies.

Our team of 15 specialized industrial designers works tirelessly to uphold the very highest quality standards. We’re capable of certifying our protection solutions to all types of standards, including CEN 1063, CEN 1522/23, STANAG (NATO), VPAM, and NIJ to guarantee the quality of our products.

To learn more about our SUV armouring solutions, contact us today. At Centigon, your security is in good hands.

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